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Our goal is to provide high quality at a competitive price. First Round Draught, Inc. specializes in single, direct-draw and multi-tap, remote, glycol chilled draught beer systems and clean, friendly, customer oriented professional service’s to restaurants, homes, bars, pubs and for beer enthusiast alike. We work directly with the customer, engineer and contractor, within health regulations, to help expedite the installation in a time and cost efficient manner.


We strive to expedite your needs no matter how large or small. We understand that the expediency of service can directly affect a business’s operations. Do you have a packed bar full of thirsty customers but your beer is pouring warm and foamy? Call us now for immediate service; we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays!


First Round Draught, Inc. provides a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program to ensure the continued performance of your draught beer equipment. To avoid costly invoices and reduce down time, protect the heart of your system today! Sign up for our scheduled maintenance program to insure optimum performance and a long lasting system.

More Than Just Beer:

First Round Draught, Inc. offers more than just beer on tap! We provide a wide range of equipment and have the expertise to put almost any specialty drink on tap… iced coffee, wine, juice, kombucha, soda, water, liquor and mixed drinks such as cocktails just to name a few. Contact us today for more info! 


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Proper Beer Handling and Maintenance

Perfectly poured draught beer is the result of proper temperature, gas pressure and mixture, and a well-maintained draught beer system. It’s easy to take all the variables for granted when beer is pouring well. But improperly pouring beer can be very frustrating, and can result in loss of sales. The single most common cause of problems encountered in draught beer dispense systems is temperature control. The first step in solving any dispensing problem is to confirm that the temperature of the keg and the cooler are where they are supposed to be. In air-cooled and glycol-cooled systems, the next step is to check the temperature of the beer being delivered to the faucet, confirming that the air and glycol systems used to maintain proper beer line temperature are working properly.

When properly dispensed, draught beer should taste the way the brewer intended, clean, flavorful, and enjoyable. Draught beer is susceptible to damage from a host of factors, such as age, heat, and air. But the number one factor affecting the quality of draught beer flavor and aroma is poor hygiene. Improper cleaning of beer system lines and components from the coupler in the cooler to the faucet at the bar can lead to significant changes in beer flavor, all of them unwelcome. Over time, poor beer line hygiene will inevitably result in loss of sales due to customer dissatisfaction, and to replacing beer lines at great expense. Staying ahead of these potentially costly outcomes is key to serving great tasting draught beer. Beer-spoiling bacteria will ruin a beers flavor and aroma, and will inevitably lead to lost repeat business and potential sales. While these microorganisms are not health risks, they will cause bacterial infections in draught systems that are often difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove.

All vinyl jumpers and vinyl direct draw lines should be replaced every year.

All long-draw trunk line should be replaced in the following instances:

  • When the system is 10 years or older.
  • When flavor changes are imparted in a beers draught line from an adjacent draught line.
  • When any line chronically induces flavor changes in beer.
  • Draught lines may need to be replaced after pouring root beer, fruit-flavored beers, margaritas, or ciders. Such beverages may permanently contaminate a draught line and possibly adjacent draught lines in the same bundle. Such contamination precludes future use of that draught line for beer.
  • In the case where a couplers gas backflow valve (Thomas valve) is or ever has been missing, the gas line may have been compromised and should be replaced.

Glycol chillers are key components to long draw dispense systems. Chilled glycol helps to maintain the temperature of draught beer in the beer lines between the keg and the faucet. Glycol chillers are much less expensive to maintain than they are to replace; regular maintenance will increase both their service life and dependability. Here are some recommended maintenance practices; be sure to check with your manufacturer for items and procedures specific to your chillers.

Glycol bath: Keep the cover of the glycol bath closed to prevent water vapor from diluting the strength of the glycol.

Glycol bath temperature: Check every two months, making sure the bath temperature is within the range specified by the manufacturer. Many chillers have temperature gauges that are easily visible from the outside.

  • Check motors bi-monthly for smooth-sounding operation and no signs of overheating.
  • Check pumps bi-monthly; check connections and insulation for leaks or missing insulation, and for smooth-sounding operation.
  • Inspect condenser bi-monthly for dirt and airflow obstructions and clean as necessary.
  • Remove and clean grills to expose the condenser fins. Remove all contaminants from the fin surface by using a stiff bristle brush, vacuum cleaner, or compressed gas discharged from the fan side of the condenser.

Visually inspect trunk lines every six months for signs of ice buildup, insulation damage and glycol leakage.

Glycol strength: Check viscosity and condition of glycol-water cooling mixture every two months. Test freezing point every 2 months with a refract meter and adjust or replace glycol mixture as needed. Typical ranges are 20-25% glycol; be sure the glycol concentration follows manufacturer recommendations.


Here at First Round Draught, Inc. we use only the highest quality draft beer systems, equipment and parts available on the market today. All bar supplies and equipment used for installation includes the finest products from the worlds leading manufacturers of commercial beer equipment. We offer competitive pricing, so you know you’re buying the highest quality draft beer equipment for an affordable price. We can get everything you need for a complete top of the line draft beer system including nitrogen generators, European draft towers, beer usage/monitoring systems, beer dispensers, glycol chillers and other necessary accessories. Contact us today for more information on equipment and our installation services!

Draft Beer Equipment:

• Beer Dispensing Towers • Wall Shanks • Drip Trays & Rinsers • Faucets and Accessories • FOBS/ Empty Keg Detectors • Beer Pumps • Glycol Chillers • Glycol Replacement Parts • Kegerators • Kegerator Conversion Kits • Back Bar Coolers • Installation Accessories • Couplers • Hose Fittings/Clamps/Tools • Gas Blenders • Gas Regulators And More!